Tailoring Jeans

One of the (many) issues I have with mass produced clothing is that it has made us all believe that our bodies have to fit our clothing rather than our clothing has to fit our bodies. Not long ago almost all clothing was homemade or tailor made to fit our wonderfully diverse shapes and sizes. With the age of vanity sizing and fast fashion, we have switched our thinking to believe that our clothes are right and our bodies are wrong.

But our bodies are not wrong!

One of the items of clothing I have the most difficulty finding a good fit is jeans. If they fit in the legs they'll be enormous in my waist. I have a short torso so jeans that are designed to fit at the hips actually get up to my belly button. If I go by waist measurement I'll never be able to get the jeans over my thighs. Mass produced jeans are not made for my body. I rather doubt they are made for anyone's body.

As I improve my custom-jeans-making abilities, I have taken on the task of tailoring my store bought jeans to make them work for me. Having clothes that fit properly makes me feel unstoppable.

Take a look at what I did to my newest acquisition to make them work for me!