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My name is Anna-Marie. I am originally from the Canadian West Coast but have lived in Winnipeg for eight years. I live in the West End with my partner and work out of our home.

I have been sewing since I was three years old. I learned at my grandmother's knee and to this day I still have some of her sewing supplies.

A marriage of my love of sewing and my passion for justice.

One of my youngest childhood memories is sitting on the kitchen floor at my grandmother's feet, learning to hand sew on shaped cards with yarn and a blunted needle. I have loved it ever since. She taught me the importance of making things last and the love and care that can go into our clothes.

I also grew up with the understanding that it is important for me to contribute to making this world a better place, for today and for the future. This foundation has been instrumental in my life and my goals. As I learned more about sweatshop labour, cotton farming and climate change, I became increasingly disillusioned with the garment industry. I have been grappling with the issues around the garment industry since high school and have participated in the struggle for fairer fashion in various ways.

In university I studied peacebuilding and international development, diving deeper into the broad human and environmental effects of consumerism. I struggled more and more with my complicity with the garment industry (as my love of clothes has never diminished). On a personal level I have tried various ways of removing myself from the industry - by buying only thrifted or fairly traded clothing; by wearing only hand-me-downs; by not buying anything new for a year. These experiments have been good, and fulfilling. But I felt like I wanted to do more.

This is where Reclaim Mending comes in. My love of clothes, creativity and sewing, and my desire to make a difference meets perfectly here. I have been doing mending for friends and family for several years, and I honestly enjoy it. It is satisfying work. Beyond that, it is a way that I can help others disentangle themselves from the fast fashion industry, and spark conversations on how we can contribute to a global shift.

Let me help you make your beloved clothes last longer to keep you feeling great, reduce our global carbon footprint, and encourage a world of fair fashion.